the nu art event

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our third bazaar, held at the nu art space


clay play

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Basically, the programme is an art course for children, in which we teach them about motivation, expression and achievement, contented. Those are fundamental matters from playing and creativity experiences through art lessons from kindergarten to junior high school. With the help from our tutors we will guide the children to realize their creative potentials.

Motivation can come from many things, it can be stories, movies, books, games, or children ‘s imagination. A good expression can exist with a supporting environment, and also if the material and tools are available.

Children need time too feel the benefit of their achievement, along with their study process we will build their selfconfidence in making their artwork. Satisfaction is gained when the children have tried their best and receive positive response from their classmates and tutors.

Our offer to you is a programme that can give children the opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences through art education on early age.